Congratulations on the successful completion of your programme at the University of Ibadan.

The following information is important to all graduands. You are expected to pay and present these evidences:

1)    The sum of One thousand Five hundred naira (N1,500) into the dedicated account at University of Ibadan Microfinance Bank (Name of Account : PGS Transaction Account, Account No: 1050000013) in respect of Research Frontier.

2)    The sum of five hundred naira cash (refundable deposit) at Academic gown collection points.

3)    Present the Postgraduate School financial clearance reflecting the payment for convocation dues.

4)    Receipt of the Alumni dues

5)    Personalized academic gown is available for sale to Ph.D categories alone at the rate of N20,000. It can be purchased in Room A19 Postgraduate School between 9am – 2pm daily from Monday 27th October, 2014.

PLEASE NOTE: Further information on Convocation requirements as stated or will be stated in the University bulletin is equally binding on ALL Postgraduate graduands.